New York Women in Film & Television and Go Indie TV announce the 2nd place winner of the 2nd Online Annual Shorts Festival in the Dramedy category. "Soul Candy" by Jennifer Rapaport, directed by John Stimpson is about a girl who can't muster the courage to apply for a job in her favorite bookstore. Her sister, Kaya helps Siri by talking to the bookseller, Guy, while Siri texts her what to say. Guy is intrigued by Kaya, but when her Cyrano-esque jig is up, Siri finally has her moment. Go Indie TV chose this as a winner for the chemistry among actors. This short is a simple story but well performed and directed. A drama with a touch of humor. Stay in touch with NYWIFT or follow Go Indie TV to find out when "Soul Candy will be released on NYWIFT Roku channel in January for a limited release.

Duration: 10:34

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