Scratch This -Trailer First Place

New York Women in Film & Television and Go Indie TV is proud to announce the GRAND winner of the 2nd Annual Online Shorts Festival and the 1st place winner of the Comedy category. Where to begin? Laura Dowling Shea the producer and actress is brilliant. She is one of the three self-centered sisters whose inability to overcome their sibling rivalry results in riotous physical comedy. This is a laugh out loud short. To be honest we are guilty at watching it about every day because when you need a good chuckle this is the video of choice and you never get bored with it. Warning a tune just may get stuck playing in your head over and over. Let us brag a bit about Laura Dowling Shea who we believe is an outstanding actress who you can tell loves what she does for a living. To be honest we only had a 5-6-minute performance, and therefore she was not mentioned in our top actress category, BUT we were so intrigued that we had to google her. Please learn more about Laura at because if you are like us, you will want to check out more of her work. Congratulations to Director Jody Lauren Miller, Jessica Alexandra Green, and Jessica Sherr for making our day at Go Indie TV. The four of them represent "Talent"! UPDATE: Good news and bad news: Good: We are unable to show the short as they have been picked up for other festivals. Bad news: You are missing something special. Enjoy this trailer as a sneak peek.