Party Of The Sin - My Head

"No one knows exactly how this band was form, but we have heared that Party of the Sin began as a boy band in 1989, under another name that has been since forgotten. 4 handsome young teenagers, Fernando Cordero, Gabriel Sara, Zack Arnstein and Pablo Stagnaro found great success dancing and lip syncing in front of screaming teenagers around the world, showcasing their charisma and powerful set of songs written by producers in their fifties. Unfortunately, one night, backstage at a show, a dark man in a dark suit offered the young performers a dark opportunity. No one knows exactly what happened that night, but the band members were never the same. Some of the musicians turned to drugs and alcohol, others to gambling and violence. The music that they made took on a malicious, sinister tone. There was no more dancing. What remains is the twisted residue of what was once such a virtuous endeavor. What remains is Party of the Sin". To Know more of POTS visit

Duration: 04:26

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