e.ro.sion, noun - 2ND PLACE

NYWIFT is proud to announce the selected projects for the 2nd Annual NYWIFT Online Shorts Festival, presented in partnership with GoIndieTV selected this unique short titled "E.ro.sion, noun" written by Tammy McNeil & Catriona Rubenis-Stevens and Directed by Catriona as our 2nd place winner in the Fantasy/Fiction/Sci-fi category. E.ro.sion, noun follows the last days of a woman as she checks into the "Goodbye clinic" to have her life deleted. We witness a person fade into a parallel reality where she observes the world she once felt connected to continue on without her, and her body and soul disappear before her eyes. This small cast: Katherine Kahrs, Jesse R. Tender, Dewey Caddell, Tammy McNeill, and Dana Pelevine present a big screen performance with an unique story being told with little words..... To watch this 14 minute captivating short in its entirety, be sure to visit www.goindietv.net on December 15th and thereafter.

Duration: 14:29

Video tags: NYWIFT Festival, NYWIFT Fantasy, NYWIFT Winners