Foreign Nationals Trailer (TV Series)

Foreign Nationals will give a face to a statistic. It will tell the REAL stories of those in search for the American Dream; the fathers, brothers, daughters, husbands, and wives that live in today's society.
Meet VINCENT, a recently divorced father and ICE agent. It’s through him, and through MARIANA JIMENEZ, an immigration lawyer, that we will learn of the lives of the Foreign Nationals living in NYC. Each episode will follow the story of a different New Yorker whose fate is uncertain because of his or her immigration status. We will get a glimpse of their lives, their relationships, explore their past and what’s at stake if he or she becomes a citizen or is deported.

Foreign Nationals is part HBO’s High Maintenance, and part Netflix´s Orange is the New Black. It’s as funny and heartwarming, and as sad and grounded as the real stories that each episode is based on.

Foreign Entertainment LLC seeks to give a voice to the voiceless. Through powerful and compelling
storytelling, we are committed to tell the stories of those who wandered from other places and
sacrificed everything to build a better future.

Where do you come in? Become part of the mission, help us promote this TV Series that is in the making. Have a story about immigration then please share with Do you want to become a supporter, educator, or promoter? Please contact Cami on how you can make a difference. It can be as easy as just spreading the word!

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