CONSTANCE COOKS; Bitter Melons - episode 1- TIE 3RD PLACE

NYWIFT is proud to announce the selected projects for the 2nd Annual NYWIFT Online Shorts Festival, presented in partnership with GoIndieTV and they announce 'Constance Cooks" directed by NYWIFT member Rosalie Tenseth as the 3rd place winner in the Comedy category. Constance is a 40-year old professor with a cooking problem. Rather than use her PhD to pay off her student loans, she bartends and dreams of hosting a cooking show featuring New York artists in her tiny apt. Will she find a recipe for life or fall flat like a bad soufflé? Go Indie TV found this 19-minute pilot to be a joy to watch. Constance Cooks is a single-camera comedy hybrid crossed with a cooking show and reality talk show. The story follows Constance's quest to change her life and create a web show and introduces viewers to contemporary artists as well as time-lapse recipes to follow at the end of each episode. The concept behind this show works well and it will be popular with all ages. It has a bit of everything for everyone from recipe ideas, to a good laugh Go Indie TV feels Constance Cooks will find great success on any platform.

Duration: 19:47

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