Passing By

Before there was 'Writer's Block', there was 'Passing By'. This short film was created two years ago, valentine's day 2012, after I went through an incident which got me in a fight with a cab driver, who bit me on the arm. This project follows three characters intertwined around my real life incident; however, I chose to take other moments from my life and create a narrative based around the gaps that fill my mind from my past. With the help of Mark Sherman, director of photography, we were able to imagine a world that drops between my consciousness with Ceasar's life. The cast and crew of 'Passing By' have become a dear family of artists that I have had the privilege to work with. Thank you for your impressive work and amazing talent. This project has been a very hard piece to release due to its personal subject matter. I want to thank my friends and family for their amazing support, without them, this project would not exist. Peace and good energy, B
Artist: Brandon Polanco

Duration: 17:32

Video tags: Short Film, drama