Dirty Roses

New York Women in Film & Television and Go Indie TV announce "Dirty Roses" as winning the Honorable Mention in the 2nd Online Annual Shorts Festival in the Documentary Category. "Dirty Roses is a humanitarian docudrama and deals with the power of the soul of the disabled persons and individuals or families who came from the Arab world in Greece as war or economic or political refugees. "Dirty Roses" is part of the "Roses Trilogy by Petra Terzi"
Director & Writer: Petra Terzi
Starring: Maria-Christina Tzavara (Nana)
Director of Photography: Nektarios Souldatos
Camera: Nektarios Souldatos, Alexander Sikalias
Editor: Alexander Sikalias
Sound Design: QBON ( Panajot Elmazaj )
Script: Lia Myridaki
Film Stills Photography: Toula Akrivou

Duration: 05:48

Video tags: NYWIFT Documentary, NYWIFT Festival